Innocentism Visual Art Defined

What is Innocentism Visual Art

From the word innocent which means "lacking sense of awareness," innocentism is a new art word which theme pertains to the expression of
the artists about things having to do with innocence. It is similar to uboquitous prank or trick when someone makes a joke on you. An example of innocentism visual art is a painting of a woman, who is unaware that her bikini string will be pulled by her lover.

Innocenticsm is quite a challenge for every artist as it will involve his intellectual reasonings of how things are supposed to happen and express his reasonings in the form of art. Innocentism is like a portrayal of a cause and effect situation. There are always a victim and a perpetrator of an act. There can also be curiosity, comedy, sarcasm, horror, sexuality, and fun. 

Innocence can be portrayed not only on human beings but also on inanimate objects, nature, anything within the universe, or whatever topics of
interest come to the artist's mind. It could be a portrayal of what happens to snow if it is exposed under the heat of the sun or what happens to a liver if it is soaked in chemical.

Innocentism promises a challenge for the art enthusiasts, who will be face with the challenge to think of what innocent act can be found in an art, making the art not only be appreciated for it's beauty of expression but of something that makes sense in this world. 

If you got INNOCENTICIZED it means the artists portrayed you to be a victim or perpetrator of an act.  It means, you don't have to necessarily be the victim, you can also be the perpetrator.

Old paintings painted in the past before this time can not be considered as an Innocentism Visual Art simply because the original theme of depicting innocence in the expression of art was not the main goal of the artists.

In this photo the innocent or unaware is the woman. What happens after her bikini string is pulled?

In this photo the innocent or unaware is the woman. What happens after her bikini string is pulled?