Helenna Jouja, international star of Contemporary Art

Helenna Jouja

Where else can you find me?

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Helenna Jouja  

Margarethenstrasse 5 

1040 Vienna, Austria, Europe  

Email me: helennajouja@yahoo.com  

Where else can you find me online? 

Since I am a public figure, a lot of websites have tried to use my name to draw additional viewers to their websites, I could not keep track of it to ask for deletion, because I am in no way related to any of them whatsoever. I find ocassionally my photos and my real name on dating sites I have never heard of, it is definitely not me, so please don't  get yourself scammed. I usually get authorities involved in this regard.

Kunstraum Art Gallery Owner Hubert Thurnhofer


Painted by Helenna Jouja

120x80 cm acyllic painting.  One of my paintings, that had had thousands of Likes on Facebook, is the portrait of my art gallerist, Hubert Thurnhofer.  Behind him is a painting with golden frame to illustrate him being a gallerist. Inside the painting of the painting is a nude woman sitting and waiting at the entrance door of Love, which entrance free is waived for those women in love. Below the golden frame, beside Thurnhofer‘s dark blue jeans, is an illustration of balancing stones, which he designed during his trip to Croatia in 2018. Aside from being a stone balance artist during his spare time, Thurnhofer is also the author of published German books such as Moral 4,0, which he holds in this painting.  My gallerist speaks in English, German and Russian fluently.  Feel free to contact him, if you are interested to see or buy any of my paintings or his books.

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The Arch of Chase Video

The Arch of Chase 150x100cm acrylic painting on canvas. On the spookiest night of the year, touch the flower of the Chase Goddess and forever chase the first one you see!

Other texts used on video: “Do not touch her flower, her flower, her flower! The legend says, if you touch the flower of the Chase Goddess, you will forever be chasing the first one you see! “