Helenna Jouja Films 2

As you all know by now, the following videos were made by me to show the public the stories or poems behind my paintings. There‘s also tutorial here on how to paint „The Kiss„ by Gustav Klimt in golf leaf. I do have my own version of “the Kiss,“ in modern story, which I will include later on Helenna Jouja Films 3. Anyway, take again your time, play all the videos, and learn all there is to know about each of my paintings. There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 1 and 3. You are on 2.

5 Naked Bank Robbers Video

5 Naked women robbed the bank naked. The bank can’t remember their faces. Only genius can figure out why. 

How to be Rich Painting Video

To be rich in painting you have to find a rich family first. Yes! a rich beautiful momsy with a handsome honey, with a pretty first-born and a cute sibling, not siblings!!! Charge 100M dollars! then buy your stuff. When Bill Gates says, “You’re hired!” then paint them forever till you get it :D

Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” Golf Leaf Tutorial Video

The compilation of pictures of how I tried to do a replica of Gustav Klimt‘s “The Kiss,” presented in a tutorial style. If you are learning how to paint, maybe you can learn something from it. This replica  is still a work in progres. I am painting two at the same time. I am waiting for a good natural light to come by in my studio to arrive to the right colors I need but it’s been always foggy and dim outside for months. Maybe this coming summer of 2019, it will be most of the time sunny. 

Into The Bitter Past Video

”Into the Bitter Past!” lol :D For breast cancer awareness. Helenna Jouja was bullied during her childhood for her drawings. She’s told when she was 6 years old to stop drawing because, “artists are poor!” “Stop drawing!” ”That’s very ugly!,” said her elementary and highschool teachers. Years passed Helenna forgot about drawing. Until one day, she witnessed a friend dying from breast cancer. Her desires to help women inspired her to draw again. 

Karla_Marie Preiczer, the next Mona Lisa Video

Helenna Jouja, also known as da Vinci of Vienna, paints the most beautiful 16 year old teenager (now 18 years old) daughter of director Liza de-Vera Preiczer, Karla-Marie, a forthcoming movie star of the Philippine Cinema. Will Karla-Marie Preiczer be the next Mona Lisa? 

The Transgender in the Making Video

“The Transgender in the Making” painting of Helenna Jouja for the benefits of women suffering from breast cancer

The Beautiful Painter Video

An artist dreaming of paintings which depict love, romance and laughters

The Evolution of Innocentism Art Video

The Evolution of Innocentism Art by the Beautiful Painter, Helenna Jouja. 

Helenna Jouja Films 2

Thank you so much for watching some, if not all, of my videos. I hope you enjoyed watching and take a moment to send me a message and let me know what you think.  There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 1 and 3. You are on 2.