The Modern Eve

140x100cm painting on canvas

This is my third acrylic painting on canvas

Price: 100M Euro 


Helenna Jouja’s First Acrylic Painting on canvas

140x70cm acrylic painting on canvas

The Material Girl with a Banana

After my first 3 attempts to paint using acrylic on cardboard, i tried painting on huge canvas. Since I was a beginner, and had avoided drawings for years,  I had no idea if I could make it. I ended up painting all the expensive things in the world, Well, the cellphone she‘s holding on her left hand used to be the most expensive cellphone at that time, haha.  I had painted here the most expensive bag, pen, crown, accessories, private jet, Bugatti and even the most expensive book written by Leonardo da Vinci that was bought for US30M dollars by Bill Gates at the auction. Then I realized something was missing she also needs to eat. Unfortunately, I only had one banana left at home. So that banana was my first life painting, lol :D I designed her night gown with fur, and I wanted it to be silk and see-thru. No idea how to make it see-thru, but I solved it on my own, without reference to any painting tricks. Her face is just an imaginary face. I imagined how the most beautiful face should look like and that’s her face for me :D I was thinking that painting serious figure is just common sense. Nowadays, no one should even bother to go to school to learn how to paint. Our time is „just do it!“ For short, i did it all and I identified this painting as „The Material Girl,“ my first acrylic painting on canvas.


The Grumpy Violinist

150x100cm acrylic painting on canvas

The Grumpy Violinist 


Golfer in Disguise

A Man Breathing: Visual Illusion on 100x80 cm canvas

If you have witnessed in person Leonardo da Vinci's painting of Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, this painting of a man will deceive your eyes that he is actually breathing normally like you. You do not have to be on drugs to hallucinate that he just suddenly raised his chest after suppressing breathing at his upper tummy. It seems to be spooky or crazy, but hey, optical illusion is nothing new and I painted the model with the intention of making it possible to make him come alive by breathing, so the breathing movement was not discovered by accident, it is intentional. I am not yet an expert of visual illusion but anyway, the illusion is only visible when you gaze at the actual painting in person and after a few minutes it will start to slowly breathe with you. I can't simply capture the slow movement of his body on camera.
However, if you are patient enough, you can look at the photo and try if it works on your computer screen. But I let you decide how the visual illusion was possible on this painting on canvas.

Moreover, you'll get crazy also how the bridge is constructed in this painting, your eyes will confuse you of direction, making you feel that you are riding shortly on a roller coaster, depending on how you look at it,  fast or slow, back and forth.

I don‘t even wanna mention how the other parts of his body pop out of the canvas as the main feature of this painting is the breathing.

This painting will be included in my art exhibit within the next three years, so if you happen to be there, I will let you make fun of it with your friends and witness the model breathe with you.

The model:

The man in the painting is Sir Thomas Beck. He is for me the handsome definition of a real white man: very tall at 6'2", with broad shoulder, with alluring smile, definitely not so muscular qualifying as a replica of incredible Hulk. I have painted him a little bit hot than he normally is in his photo that I tried to paint to make him have that extra sexy smile with a kindhearted appearance.

Why does this painting qualify as an innocentism art?

Well, I have made fun of Sir Thomas making him look like a cowboy stud belly dancing, when in real life he is a very respectable hardworking businessman with two children. He will cook for you a delightful meal but I do not think he will do the belly dancing for you, for me maybe, I hope so, haha! Pardon me.

Painting identification:

I originally entitled this painting the "Cowboy in the City" but he is actually just standing infront of a huge painting on the wall. I decided to just name it the "Golfer in Disguise" as he is wearing a cowboy outfit and holding an Iron 2 golf club which I painted extra long hoping that  the ladies will have other idea what it is. I let you decide if he is a cowboy or a hockey player or something else in this painting. The diamond necklace the model is wearing is his daily necklace in real life, so I added it to his cowboy look.

The Swan on the Street Video

Once upon a time as the sun rose so bright, the Swan near the Swan Mountain met the Prince and  the Fairy Princess. The Swan wished to be a beautiful princess as beautiful as Princess Karla. The Fairy Princess touched the swan and granted her wish. “ the Swan on the Street,” 100x80 cm canvas