11. The Girl Under the Bed

From the Ice Cream Cone Series of 3:

The Girl Under The Bed!" One of my paintings from my Ice Cream Cone Series of 3. 

50x70cm acrylic painting on canvas. 

How long do you think the guy in checkered shirt on tiptoe under a file of unstable books can keep his balance while carrying the big beautiful lady  who craved for an ice cream? Come to think of it! Haha! The lady lying down is Picasso's idea, I just played with it a bit using my crazy color combination. All the rest is my idea. :D 

I love achieving balance in colors in all of my paintings. But, i love it even more when the viewer of my paintings realize that a part of the painting does not make sense, such as carrying something heavy on tiptoe while standing on unstable objects. 

When this painting was exhibited at Kunstraum Gallery in Vienna, I secretly observed, if the guests could tell that a major fall is about to occur. Where will the woman at the back of the man fall? Have a wild imagination. Maybe right exactly on the fat woman‘s exposed genitalia? 

I entitled this “The Girl Under the Bed„ because among all the characters in this painting, she‘s the one with the mysterious character while holding an ice cream cone. Why do you think she is hiding under the bed? :D 


12. What’s In A Lick?

50x70cm acrylic painting on canvas

In time when I was craving for an ice cream, it was in the middle of the night, and it's almost wintertime! No one was selling icecream anymore :( So, I just released my frustration by painting an ice cream cone.  And this craving for icecream continued till I finished 3 paintings featuring ice cream. This painting is the first in “The Ice Cream Cone Series.” 

Maybe if I had never had the ice cream cravings at that time, i would have not created an art about it. 

Anyways, find the cones on this painting. Lol :D Kiss


13. Caught in the Act

70x80cm acrylic painting

One of my most beloved painting is “Caught In The Act!" that I won’t sell to anyone unless he pays me US$100M for it because this painting is absolutely a knock out on any walls beside a grand piano. 

The Beautiful Painter, who was secretly craving for an ice cream, got caught painting some nude models by her boyfriend (the nerd-looking guy wearing blue in the window.) But what she painted was ice cream in the cones instead. 

The last painting from my “Ice Cream in the Cones Series“ on 70x80cm canvas. 

Find in this painting a bald man playing violin. Also find how many eyes are peeping! 

Fictional Characters only based on my imagination. If any of the characters in this painting looks like you, it's only coincidental. :D Enjoy! Kissessss! 


14. Bouquet of Flowers

100x80cm acrylic painting

"A flower does not think of competing with the other flower next to it, it just blooms." (but flowers don't think!) Be always beautiful and handsome inside and out because you are! 

Hugs and kissessssss to all my friends and family here online who support my page and the things i am most passionate about. I sincerely love you all, especially you, yes, you. ;)


15. Date with an Entrepreneur

100x80cm acrylic painting on canvas

If you run your own business, you're called an entrepreneur, but if you're working more than 8 hours a day everyday, you're doing something wrong. All your work for the day should only be done within 8 working hours. That being said, Peace :P 

This painting is an illustration of a woman having a date in the park with her busines-minded boyfriend.

Promote Love for all mankind!


16. The Princess and Her Fat Man

100x80cm acrylic painting

My first acrylic painting on canvas in 2018 is entilled ”The Princess and Her Fat Man!” This title seems so simple but this originated from the story I had created  for my ”Indecent Proposal” painting, also after finishing my 4th and last painting for the series, “The Show Must Go On.” Maybe later I will tell a story about this painting and create a corresponding movie exclusively for it. Basically, it’s about continuously playing music and dancing in the event of flood. The symbols of courage; insistence in reaching a goal, resisting obstacles while providing service to mankind are evident in this painting.

On Sale for 1000 bitcoins only 😉 Kiss


17. The Indecent Proposal

100x80cm acrylic painting

“The Indecent Proposal” hihi 😉 My 2nd painting from my „The Show Must Go On Series“ of 4. This has probably the 2nd longest video i have ever created. 

The Story on the corresponding video:

Once upon a time, there was a princess who got stuck in a wall because an evil sorcerer known as Prince Harming fell in love with her. She was so lovely and funny. But she was in love with a man with a big tummy, who proposed to marry her. Prince Harming was jealous and casted an evil spell and buried them in the wall. Many years had gone by and the enchanted wall got famous. People tried to save them but they got stuck in the wall too. Until one evening, a group of musicians played music in-front of the wall. The enchanted people woke up and started to smile. The ladies played so well, which melted the heart of the Prince, and fell out of love with the Princess because he was falling in love with one of the musicians,  more beautiful than the Princess. So talented and graceful she was, he wanted her more than anything. This beautiful lady saw him and fell in love too and she had only him to love. The Prince freed them all and all were finally happy. No more jealousy and hatred. They sang songs for the Prince and they lived happily ever after. 

The ones who got stuck in the wall: Jemilly Velasco, You??? Eileen Oda, Prince Harming and his new love. The End. Now sleep, even if the show must go on.  

Included in this video: Paintings of Helenna Jouja: “The Indecent Proposal,” “The Princess and Her Fat Man,” “Caught in the Act,” The Girl Under the Bed,” “The Ice Cream Cones.”

Zoom the photo and criticize. Be cruel to me, haha! 😀 

Fictional characters only based on my imagination. If one of them looks like you, it’s only coincidence. Kiss :*


18. The Kiss Replica in Gold Leaf in progress

Showing you „The Kiss” that I am still slowly working on. This painting is huge, approximately 160cm high x 140cm wide. 😀 

Notice my dream catcher hanging on the side, hihi 😛 Wish me a goodnight! 😛


19. The Swan on the Street

100x80cm acrylic painting on canvas

„The Swan on the Street!“ with special guest appearance of my beloved Prince Charming, lol 😉 I love painting love because it’s all what I have in me. 

This painting was included in the Fireworld International Art Exhibit in Kunstraum Vienna Austria in June 2018. 

This has a corresponding video for the story I created for this painting. 

The 3rd painting for my “The Show Must Go On Series of 4.” This time, no musical was included but a dance show in the street. 

The Story on the corresponding video:

Once upon a time as the sun rose so bright, the Swan near the Swan Mountain met the Prince and  the Fairy Princess. The Swan wished to be a beautiful princess as beautiful as Princess Karla. The Fairy Princess touched the swan and granted her wish. 

Kiss 😀


20. Jemilly Velasco’s Wedding Day

100x80cm acrylic painting

Belated Happy Valentine's Day! My painting of a lovely lady born on Valentine's Day, Jemilly Velasco, who is an international artist, and maybe one of the best persons you will ever know in your life. With her beloved husband on their Wedding day :D

The Biggest Ball

„Who has the chance to be invited to the fabulous Opera Ball in Vienna? Snow White or Cinderella? An animal lover? Dolly Buster or Pamela? A master nagger? A blond horse rider? Well, an old playboy has invited the star with the biggest ball!“ „The Biggest Ball“ Helenna Jouja’s painting on 150x100cm canvas. Short Story written by Hubert Thurnhofer, the world famous gallerist, philosopher, and author of Moral 4.0.

Nagger is someone who always nags. And so I thought one could also be a master of nag