31. The Grumpy Violinist

150x100cm acrylic painting on canvas

This 2019, I am painting only on big canvases and this is one of them. 

The story I created for this painting in cooperation with my art gallerist, Hubert Thurnhofer:

Once upon a time, there lived a violinist, who wanted to be the sexiest of all! She did everything to be sexy, such as rib removal, only veggies, diet pills, etc.  She asked the magic mirror, „Mirror, who is the sexiest of them all?” “Your violin!” answered the magic mirror. “Sexier than you!”  The violinist got angry. That‘s how she became “the Grumpy Violinist!


32. The Biggest Ball

150x100cm acrylic on canvas

Wiener Opernball featuring Herr Richard Lugner with imaginary superstars. „The Biggest Ball,“ 😀

The story of this painting:

„Who has the chance to be invited to the fabulous Opera Ball in Vienna? Snow White or Cinderella? An animal lover? Dolly Buster or Pamela? A master nagger? A blond horse rider? Well, an old playboy has invited the star with the biggest ball!“ 

Short Story written in cooperation with Hubert Thurnhofer, the world famous gallerist, philosopher, and author of Moral 4.0.


33. The Natives

40x30cm acrylic painting on canvas

My painting in progress for my Art Class in Vienna. 


34. Wacky Selfie of a dad with his daughter

70x50cm acrylic painting on canvas

I painted this in a few hours , based on  a small photo (approximately 4x3inches)  of the dad here. But it’s taking me long to deliver to him because I had to varnish the painting for protection. I have not seen his daughter, but eventually, he wants also a portrait with his son, which I don’t know if it’s possible because my price has gone up to minimum 4 figures that it’s not anymore worthwhile for me to spend my time on painting portraits. But I am willing to paint close family or friends.  I think, anyway, the more expensive your portrait is, the more you are successful as a person.  If you just pay an artist in the street US$20, you don’t value the portrait anyways I guess. It would be nice to be painted by an artist with a future in the art world in this century and the centuries to come because your portrait would definitely be as famous as the artist. I mean look at Mona Lisa, she’s as famous as Leonardo da Vinci. 


35. Karla-Marie Preiczer The Next Mona Lisa

Helenna Jouja, also known as da Vinci of Vienna, paints the most beautiful 16 year old teenager (now 18 years old) daughter of director Liza de-Vera Preiczer, Karla-Marie, a forthcoming movie star of the Philippine Cinema. Will Karla-Marie Preiczer be the next Mona Lisa? Karla-Marie‘s portrait appeared in some of my videos such as: “The Swan on the Street,“ and “Evolution of Innocentism Art.“


36. A philosopher, author and gallerist

120x80cm acrylic painting

One of my paintings, which had had thousands of Likes on Facebook, is the portrait of my art gallerist, Hubert Thurnhofer.  Behind him is a painting with golden frame to illustrate him being a gallerist. Inside the painting of this painting is a nude woman sitting and waiting at the entrance door of Love, which entrance free is waived for those women in love. She’s not fat, or a woman with a big tummy, but a pregnant woman, a symbol of abundance. Below the golden frame,  beside Thurnhofer‘s dark blue jeans, on his right side, is an illustration of balancing stones, which he designed during his trip to Croatia in 2018. Aside from being a hobbyist of stone balancing during his spare time, Thurnhofer is also the author of published German books such as Moral 4,0, which he holds in this painting.  My gallerist speaks in English, German and Russian fluently.  Feel free to contact him, if you are interested to see or buy any of my paintings. You can purchase his books at the Amazon, Libro and Thalia, or buy it directly from him at Kunstraum Art Gallery in Vienna.


37. Marlyn Monroe

140x70cm acrylic painting

Painting the model to lean on the other side challenge. (one of my earlier unfinished  nude paintings on canvas). I was just finding out if i could paint so I tried painting Marlyn Monroe in nude with the idea that if I could maybe paint, I would use my undiscovered talent to help women in the world suffering from breast cancer using my artwork. So ambitious and inspired as I was, the painting was a huge canvas for a beginner. I painted this every night for a month sometimes till 3 am. Actually, it’s only the face of the painting you’re seeing, but the image is in the likeness of Marlyn Monroe taking a bath and she’s so sensual and sexy. 😀 Dream on, and dream on BIG! lol 😉


38. The Arch of Chase

150x100cm acrylic on canvas

„The Arch of Chase“ by Helenna Jouja, a Filipina Canadian international modern artist in Europe, is a playful combination of the widely known iconic painting „The Scream“ by Edvard Munch (1963-1944) and her own story of the painting in cooperation with her art gallerist Hubert Thurnhofer of Kunstraum (art gallery) in the Ringstraßen Galerien in Vienna, Austria, Europe. In this painting, Helenna Jouja made some radical transformation of „The Scream“ making the controversial character of “The Scream” have a distinctive figure of a young woman, referring her as the Statue of Scream, turning her into an important figure of the past like what is usually displayed in a museum; and adjusting its color and images to fit her new story that whoever touched the flower of the Goddess of the Arch of Chase would forever chase the first one he sees. Replicating the colorful sunset of Munch, Helenna Jouja was able to match her own idea of sunset to fit that of Munch‘s, while the rest of the characters showed different emotions after touching the flower of the Goddess of Chase. 😀 


39. The Chaser’s Park

150x100cm acrylic painting

The group of gigantic nude statues here on the right side in blue are painted similarly to the nude statues near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The nude statues in pink are like a mirror of the blue ones in another pose. On my trip to Paris, I climbed where the statues are and tried to reach the statues genital area just for the sake of picture taking. Because I am not that tall, I wasn’t able to reach it but i made it possible on this painting. If you could see a black and white figure in the blue statues, it’s me. So I am sort of an extra spice on this painting, but you could hardly see me.

With so many characters available on this painting, one can make his own story out of it. But it wasn’t easy to put them all in one story. Anyway, here is the story I created in cooperation with my art gallerist. Of course, my role as broken hearted and torn was just fictional. It had never happened in real life. 

The story: Helenna travelled to Paris in search of her true love! There she was badly hurt, rejected, mocked, heartbroken! She complained, „why do men act like heartless statues?“ „Do you have to touch them to feel that they also love you?“ „ Will there ever be someone who will love you back?“  The story of a Beautiful Painter, Helenna Jouja. Unforgettable romance at „the Chaser’s Park!”


40. The Chasers Yacht Club Part One

150x100cm acrylic painting

Big canvas with miniature faces as small as less than one centimeter. There’s so many characters on this painting and it wasn’t easy to paint them all.  

The story or maybe I should say a poem?: 

“In 1973, as Picasso got swallowed whole, the cyclone formed in Bermuda Triangle, where the Chasers Yacht Club was last seen partying. In the underwater room, Pregnant Miss X chased her man, who fell in love with a mermaid. As the girls kicked-ass, under the sun a smiling shark! Nobody knows what happened next!” 

The 5 Naked Bank Robbers Video

5 Naked women robbed the bank naked. The bank can’t remember their faces. Only genius can figure out why. Can you? :D