The Lady Boy, 150x100cm

What’s on my Easel? Painting in Progress: “The Lady Boy”

150x100 cm oil and acrylic on canvas

The Lady Boy

The original idea was to illustrate a middle aged man having a foot fetish with a younger girl whose private part is exposed. However, Helenna Jouja had a change of mind, thinking that the illustration could be a common scandal in the art world. She wanted a more scandalous illustration yet light and funny.  She   later alter the lady’s private part to a man’s penis. However, she had no model of an actual penis, so she just illustrated the penis into something similar to her imagination: a shiny brownish-pink penis with heart-shaped scrotum or balls. She entitled it ”The Lady Boy,” with a face looking like a gay, But then again she had a change of mind, she wanted to paint the face of Marlyn Monroe and entitled it •If Marlyn Monroe were a gay!” She then painted the colors of the rainbow symbol of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT)  on the side of the male partner, who’s seemingly pretending to be a man but has a gay tendency waiting to be unraveled, and altered the original face of the lady boy to Marlyn Monroe’s sideview. However, her world-famous art gallerist insisted to keep the original idea of ”The Lady Boy,” as everyone seems to be painting Marlyn and it won’t be as special anymore. So what do you think? Which idea here is more scandalous for you? Email me.  :D I have a tip for you, to tell if a transgender is originally a boy, observe her hands or feet, do they resemble man’s hands or feet? Because you know what, a boy can change his private part to the opposite sex, but would be scared to have an operation of the bones in his hands or feet. :D 

The 5 Naked Bank Robbers Video

5 Naked women robbed the bank naked. The bank can’t remember their faces. Only genius can figure out why. Can you? :D