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Helenna Jouja

A look into the deeper side of me as a person and artist: my aspirations in life, love, and career

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am known as Helenna Jouja. I am a worldly Filipina-Canadian based in Europe. I am an intelligent (IQ 165), attractive, successful business-woman in furcoats industry in Vienna, Austria, who also writes books. I am multilingual and have undergone some formal studies in pre-medicine, nursing, computer, education, business, painting, beauty and hair culture.

(Gosh!) I hate writing this „about me“ page because, even though it is true, it sounds boastful and self-aggrandizing, but I am out here online
trying to make friends with literally thousands of other people and we are all trying to make ourselves noteworthy for the others. So what a person to do?

I'm at the stage of life where I would like to have a life adventure. While I am single at this time, I am an endangared bird and I want to experience actually surviving an average life in different countries. My goal is realistic as I have at present also an established art business, with followers all over the world, that I can do easily just about everywhere in the world. I just happened to have an entrepreneurial talent but I care about not taking any business risks. I had operated a taxi business (Helenna Taxi) in Makati (had male drivers), restaurant (Pizza Plus), and an antique shop (Smart Spender’s Antique Shop) in Canada. Although I was also in the fashion industry and had been accustomed to the tastes and habits of a well-heeled crowd in Europe, I am still conservative, decent, and have been saving myself for my future „special one.“ In other words, I am ambitious, adventurous, and independent.

Should You Give Up You To Not Lose Me as A Friend?

By temperament, I am cheerful and relaxed but diligent and aggresively self-assured. I am entertainingly and strikingly clever and have 

irrepressible sense of humor, as does  everyone in my family (3 brothers, 3 sisters.) I am kind and empathetic but a little eccentric, straightforward but trustworthy. I am unpretentious and dislike bombastic, conceited people, who define themselves and others by material possessions. I enjoy reading fashion magazines and books. I like being original and creative with an artistic mind, and musical. I have played the piano since my childhood, and guitar during my teens, though I gave up the latter before getting out of college, but I still play the piano and sing pop music. I like iceswimming and icefishing in the winter, bicycling and mountain climbing in the summer and solving Rubik's cube (4x4x4 only) and do some charitable activities year-round. I enjoy going to movies, dancing, or just dining at a fine restaurant that serves good food. I enjoy traveling abroad and have been in different countries in the world. I honor loyalty and integrity in friends and in a lover. I also regard kindness and honesty very highly.

Morever, I am sweet, assertive, flirtatious, confident, playful, thoughtful, generous, patient, spiritual, passionate, socially conscious, aggressive (just a touch.)  Love, reputation for probity, and trust are very important to me, as well as my family. Happiness is always my choice. I enjoy teasing and laughing, but not in public. I am a bit graceful and well-mannered. I might flirt but it doesnt mean I am interested. I just don't accept compliments. I am unpredictable in the sense that I am full of new surprises, ideas, and imagination so I tend to avoid the previously amusing things to become boring. (I hope you can handle me, but I am easy to live with.) I like looking good at all times. I am a woman who is self-assured and I know what I want and how to get it. I also love cuddling, gardening, and cooking.

My Crazy Dream Ideal Man

Can i just gesticulate what I want in a guy, so i can gracefully giggle?

First of all, take note that I am not into guys at the moment, I am only after friendship and business online. I have no plans of having a boyfriend, who is an active member of facebook or social media. So if you found somehow I interest you, for whatever reasons, forget it. You have no chance for the reasons I have just mentioned. And yes, there are still good guys out there, who are not yet on facebook, single and available.

So here it is, the deeper side of my aspirations in terms of love:

My ideal man is someone, who can prove to me that the most desirable woman in the world (if you have sophisticated taste, it's probably me for you? Lol! :) is easy to get and the world is also so small for him, that although he is at the other side of the world, he can realistically meet me in just a few hours, if we both wish for it, and he will avoid crossing the Bermuda Triangle and blah blah blah just to be sure he can safely come back again to be happy with me forever; one who has a very satisfactory degree of inteligence, who can maybe use mere words in different languages to persuade cannibals to be vegetarians (well, not necessarily multilingual like me,) a gentleman, who is also naughty yet funny, who at times has silly childish ideas and would love to be teased and loved by me; a sweetheart so romantic and cuddly, who dreams of falling asleep beside me while I rub his bare back gently; is there anyone like that out there, who also has cute curly and short salt and pepper gray hair (dye it then!) all over his chest?; one who is already sick and tired of flirting with women online and would simply get serious settling down and having a happy loving mate to spend the remaining years of his life with.

However, if you are willing to give up the social networking, take the chance on me, if I found my soul mate along the way, and if it is you, you hit the jackpot ;) I maybe that one who could make everything in your life dramatically change in an instance. I have no problem making a lifetime commitment or a lasting serious relationship, that is filled with love hugs and kisses, I received a  lot of proposals from millionaires, but being a millionaire is not a guarantee he can have me. The competition is tough for you, for me as well. If my profile interest you, you may have to write me more than 5 times to get my attention. If you have imaginary friends and still looking and you think I am good for now, please skip my profile. Thanks! Well, unless you want to beautify your home with my original paintings...

How I evolved as an artist

I grew up thinking artists are generally poor so I should not be an artist. This disgusting view started from my early childhood because of an unforgettable advice from my paternal auntie. She is a successful gynecologist, who lives in a very big house, like a mansion, where I used to spend long holidays when I was a little girl.  However, her house was  just full of books, and the only paper I could find was her medical prescription pads. So young and ignorant as I was, I used them to draw until my auntie found out that I used all her pads for drawing. She was upset, of course, because it's not an ordinary paper for her, it's for her to use to prescibe medicine to her patients, but for me at a young age of 6, it’s  just a paper but I understood it’s important for her and I was sorry.  She did not scold me but she adviced me that if I wanted to be poor, i should be an artist because it’s proven in history that no artists had ever got rich painting, most artists are poor even in our generation. So she discouraged me to draw. But at my young age, who was I to understand what it means to be poor? I kept drawing in elementary till highschool though, even during lectures, it‘s like my right hand has some sort of mannerism to scribble figures of women, and my teachers had always caught me drawing rather than taking notes of the important lessons. Surprisingly, they all had said to me that my drawing is very ugly and that was not said privately, but for the entire class to hear.

Those teachers were all trying to discourage me to draw during the class so they had chosen to embarrass me in the class. But these teachers did not know each other, or if they did, they probably never ever talked about me and they were from different schools. How could they have the same reactions and opinions about my drawings? Were they all trying to save me from my fate of being a future artist? Did they also know that to be an artist is not profitable? For short, I grew up knowing that artists are poor and my drawings are all ugly.

For a while, I had forgotten about art, but my career destiny started to find it’s way to put me in the right path, where i was born to be, when years ago, my beautiful beloved cousin got diagnosed with breast cancer from taking hormone pills to be pregnant, and at the same time, a childhood friend was dying of breast cancer but unlike my cousin, she was dirt poor, she could not afford any medications at all.  And it’s too late for me to help her but luckily my cousin survived, and is free of cancer now.

Since then, I thought of how I could raise fund for breast cancer patients. It came to my mind that I could probably paint and the money I could raise could be used to help pay for medical bills of those who need the money. I started painting women with beautiful big breasts for breast cancer awareness. In the beginning I painted Marlyn Monroe with humungous breasts without thinking if this will generally be acceptable to be shown publicly. However, my goal of helping is not yet fully realized because I am at the moment struggling to have ends meet living on my own. When you’re already in the art world, slowly you will come to realize that in this career it takes also money to sell art, and so I remember the words of advice of my auntie about forgetting to be an artist and I strongly believe that my auntie wanted only the best for me at that time. However, I keep asking myself should I listen to her, or should I just never mind if I would be poor in the end, I should pursue my goal to make me have a global contribution to mankind while I am still alive.

Anyway, when I thought that I was learning how to paint, I was slowly noticing that I am evolving to something else. I am asking myself, “ Am I a painter or a story teller or maybe a poet now?” Because I have been painting with a goal in mind to tell a new story, or turn my painting into a poem in a clear illustration and not hide it like in abstract art. My videos of my paintings are direct proofs of this evolution of me as an artist. Almost all of my paintings have corresponding poems or stories. And i dont like my paintings to look like photo realistic, because I am creating an art in another dimension. It's not real life, it's just an interpretation of my imagination of how I would like my new short story or poem to be.

And now, I am happy to have an art gallerist, who supports and believes in my artistic abilities, a thriller and crimi author, who is able to see my stories in my paintings and further elaborates them in words.  He is some sort of an editor of the stories in my paintings, not an art critic but a contributing editor. If there‘s no such an English term for it, because this job maybe has just evolved, I would name him my paintditor, short for painting editor.

My attitude towards art

All my paintings are not as simple as it seems to be because it has unique stories behind, that have made it more fun and challenging for me. If it
was not, I preferred to discontinue working on it because of boredom or if it was an order I refused to make it.

I find painting so challenging because it involves giving solution to the  image I want to achieve. What I mean is that, most figures I want to draw are not readily available anywhere around me or online. I simply could not find the right models to complete the image, so most of the time I engage myself in an imaginary solution. I just imagine it and ask myself, "does this make sense, if this is this long or this short?" Having encountered art problems, I thought I should go to school to learn from the masters, but I think they would only transfer to me what they had learned from the others, which would prevent me from discovering how the great artists in the past had discovered their innermost talents themselves. I want to experience the joy of discovering something too, yes, definitely! I know I have to have a need to create something to discover something. Otherwise, I will just be doing what others are doing in terms of art, which I find not worthwhile. I want to find out myself how the things work without having to follow instructions, and that is the way I am in terms of painting.  I wanna be free in my thoughts. I want to create. I want to have an independent artistic mind. 

Probably because of my attitude towards art, I have made a bride's daddy cry with my innocentism visual art. Innocentism art is my own invented word for the art I am creating. I used to refer myself as the mother of Innocentism art. And slowly the viewers themselves will discover what innocentism art is. Anyway, going back to the daddy of the bride, I was not expecting such a reaction! He was not expecting my painting to be so beautiful. Well, it is not really that beautiful but thank you so much! And thank you so much also for appreciating all my works..

My being an artist ambition:

I think everyone has at least one greatest dream in his life. For me, I want to be one of the greatest artists of our time, and I want every work of mine to be visited in museums around the world. I know it is quite ambitious of me or, maybe I don't have what it takes, but who knows what will really happen 100 years from now, so I might as well wish for the best.

Cities where some of my paintings were shown:

Vancouver, Kamloops, Manila, Krakow, New York, Zurich,  Vienna. This year 2019 will be in 2 cities in Italy and again in Vienna. Miami and Zurich in December 2019.  See my events 

In addition, I decided to paint only on huge canvases from now on, as I decided not to bring my paintings to other countries anymore. Come to Vienna and see my paintings in Kunstraum Art Gallery in the Ringstrassen Gallery in Vienna, Austria, where I work exclusively with. 

Cities where I have stayed for a month to a number of years: 

Cavite, Makati, Tokyo, Gotemba, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Vancouver, Vienna, Steiermark, Breclav, Seattle, California, Rome, Pembroke, Zadar

Cities I have visited around the world:

Listing countries is maybe too grandiose and vague, I would rather state the cities but they are too many to list, and Dubai is one of them. 

Languages I want to speak fluently:

English, German, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish
Trying to learn also French and Italian

My hobbies

I enjoy playing my grand piano by ear and have been reading notes (since 6 years old) My favorite piece is Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi. I also enjoy going to movies, dancing, dining out, travelling abroad and have been in different countries in the world visiting museums to appreciate paintings of important artists in the past.

More about me as a person

My family and some friends call me the "Queen of Europe." but some think I still look young so "Princess" is more appropriate. Queen of Europe
because I love to play with my younger relatives, trying to scare them as a mean evil Queen to send them to the dungeon to be fed to the dragon, if
they ever get grumpy. But I always look hilarious so I don't get to  scare them.

I love children and am participating in charitable activities to support the poor ones.

Moreover, if you are curious to know if I am sarcastic, I will leave it to your imagination, have a wild guess.

My business address:

Helenna Jouja

Margarethenstrasse 5
1040 Vienna, Austria, Europe

Email me: helennajouja@yahoo.com

Where else can you find me online?

Since I am a public figure, a lot of websites have tried to use my name to draw additional viewers to their websites, I could not keep track of it to ask for deletion, because I am in no way related to any of them whatsoever. I find ocassionally my photos and my real name on dating sites I have never heard of, it is definitely not me, so please don't get yourself scammed.I usually get authorities involved in this regard.

“The Chaser’s Park’ 150x100cm canvas.

The Chaser’s Park

 „The Chaser’s Park,“ 150x100cm painting of Helenna Jouja, your Filipina-Canadian international modern artist in Europe. 

The story: Helenna travelled to Paris in search of her true love! There she was badly hurt- rejected, mocked, heartbroken! She complained, „why do men act like heartless statues?“ „Do you have to touch them to feel that they also love you?“ „ Will there ever be someone who will love you back?“  The story of a Beautiful Painter, Helenna Jouja. Unforgettable romance at „the Chaser’s Park.“

Special thanks to my art gallerist, the genius beside me, Hubert Thurnhofer for the art supplies and ideas, (www.kunstsammler.at)  and Manfred Merunka Le Graf, on double roles: the cyclists. 

Special appearance: Egon Schiele. 

And I am so touched and thankful for everyone’s unconditional support for my art career. I love you all! Hugs and kisses

“The Arch of Chaser” 150x100 cm canvas.

The Arch of Chase

, „The Arch of Chase“ by Helenna Jouja, a Filipina Canadian international modern artist in Europe, is a playful combination of the widely known iconic painting „The Scream“ by Edvard Munch (1963-1944) and her own story of the painting in cooperation with her art gallerist Hubert Thurnhofer of Kunstraum Art Gallery in the Ringstraßen Galerien in Vienna, Austria, Europe. In this painting, Helenna Jouja made some radical transformation of „The Scream“ making the controversial character of “The Scream” have a distinctive figure of a young woman, referring her as the Statue of Scream, turning her into an important figure of the past like what is usually displayed in a museum; and adjusting its color and images to fit her new story that whoever touched the flower of the Goddess of the Arch of Chase would forever chase the first one he sees. Replicating the colorful sunset of Munch, Helenna Jouja was able to match her own idea of sunset to fit that of Munch‘s, while the rest of the characters showed different emotions after touching the flower of the Goddess of Chase. 😀 

The Arch of Chase Video

The Arch of Chase 150x100cm On the spookiest night of the year at the Arch of Chase, touch the flower of the Chase Goddess and forever chase the first one you see! 

Other words used on this video: “Do not touch her flower, her flower, her flower! The legend says, if you touch the flower of the Chase Goddess, you will forever be chasing the first one you see! “

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