21. The Working Girl

100x80cm acrylic painting on canvas

“The Show Must Go On Part 4: The Working  Girl!” The Prince Charming, in disguise as the coachman, fell in love with a lady babysitting 2 kids in the solarium area. Will the Prince succeed in making her love him as a coachman and not as a real Prince? With special participation of Steve Tyler and Rick Weingart as the Royal Passengers, Sorenz and Kikay as the kids. 


22. Pour Thom Picasso

70x50cm acrylic on canvas

Another painting on canvas to finish, "Pour Thom Picasso. „This is a work in exchange for my tuition fee to attend an art class in Vienna when I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee outside. Thomas Aquino and I wanted to attend an art class together in Vienna, but it was too late for me to get in the same class. I had to wait for months to get in to the next class, but I enrolled in another art school the following year using  his partial payment so our barter deal was still on regardless.

 I started painting this maybe in June 2017, but I was so caught up with other things that I couldn’t handle to finish asap. I painted it for a few hours and stopped how it is now, remained untouched since then, but he’s been waiting for it for years. Oh, but I’m bullied as Leonardo da Vinci of Vienna, and da Vinci finished the Mona Lisa in 3 years. Maybe this year I will try to finish it. However, I should not be better than da Vinci, so maybe I will try to finish the portrait for another 3 years, lol :D Thomas Aquino is also an international artist, known as Thommy Picasso, who lives in Vienna and since he is a lot older than me, I said he can go ahead be a star and I will follow him later. I will be out of his way to his stardom. He is really a nice guy and the thing is, he really doesn’t need a portrait done by other artists, like me, because he is a portrait artist himself, and has done portraits of glamorous women in Vienna. He did our barter for charity, I think, because he is a charitable person with a beautiful young talented wife.  „


23. The Old Town

30x30cm acrylic painting on canvas

My small painting project in progress for my art school. Landscape is not my thing, I think, as this one bored me to death. I just got it over with for my class and moved on the next one. :D 


24. Tropical Heatwave

70x50cm acrylic painting on canvas

It doesn’t have to be perfect, right guys??? 😀 I have painted this painting in my art school in Vienna 😀 The original character on the tree was actually a man, that I painted over with a sexy woman. But I haven’t shown it to my teacher, hihi :D 


25. Flirtation Replica

100x80cm acrylic painting

I painted 2 replicas of this at the same time, one was long gone and the other for my personal collection, and yes, her gown shines like silk, but i don’t remember how i made it shine, all i remember is that I just did it. :D


26. The Kiss

“The Kiss,” 110cmx70cm acrylic on canvas. Sharing you one of my unfinished paintings. Hihihi :D 

The Story: “Once upon a time a naughty playboy lied to every lady he met that an evil witch cursed him to have an elephant nose. “Only a Kiss can break the spell,” he said. After scoring, he ran away so fast even if it’s slippery when wet, and left every lady blindfolded. “The Kiss” by Helenna Jouja :D


27. The 5 Naked Bank Robbers

80x80cm acrylic painting on canvas

5 naked women robbed the bank naked. The bank can’t remember their faces. Only genius can figure out why. Lol :D 

This is based on the famous joke about the naked bank robbers.

Just to show that I can also do abstract, I did it as a background for this painting :) 


28. The Beautiful Pianist and the Ugly Biker

80x80cm acrylic painting on canvas

“The Beautiful Pianist and the Ugly Biker,” starring the awesome biker, Manfred Merunka Legraf, exhibiting some of his dangerous bike moves! 

The story: The Ugly Biker fell in love with a Beautiful Pianist. “One day I will trick her into marrying me.” So he came to her with a friend with bikes. “if I could play Do-Re-Mi on your piano one note at a time using the wheels of my bike, would you marry me?” Thinking his wheels are too big for piano keys, the Beautiful Pianist agreed to marry the Ugly Biker because it’s impossible. The Ugly Biker played Do-Re-Mi using the wheels of his TOY bike from his pocket. The end :)


29. The Lady with a Giant Pearl

My unfinished painting, "The Lady with the Giant Pearl"  Acrylic on Canvas 70x50cm. The Giant Pearl actually doesn’t look like the traditional round pearl that every woman owns, it’s similar to the white looking-like rolled thing on the couch beside the lady in orange dress. 

If anyone wants to be immortalized by me on canvas, i charge a minimum of 5K Euro per canvas. Thanks. Kissesssssssss


30. Replica of the Wool Winder

80x70cm acrylic

What‘s on my easel? „The Wool Winder.” Wow! it’s a job that‘s been never heard anymore in our generation? 😀 it‘s harder than Leonardo da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa to paint. I don’t know why 😀 you know? 😉

The Wool Winder was originally painted by Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French, 1725-1805) on 74.6 x 61.3 cm canvas. 

The Beautiful Pianist and The Ugly Biker

”The Beautiful Pianist and the Ugly Biker,“ 80c80cm on canvas. ”One day i will trick her into marrying me! So he came to her with a friend with bikes and said, “if i could play do re mi on your piano with my bike, one note at a time, would you marry me?” Thinking his wheels are too big for one single note, the beautiful pianist said yes. The biker took his toy bike out of his pocket  and played do-re-mi.  The end.