U.S.A. Art Exhibit 2019

Helenna Jouja and Jemilly Velasco


December 2-8, 2019

Eduardo Lira Art Gallery 2075 NW, 2nd Avenue, Miami Beach Florida, United States of America FL33127 

“The Biggest Ball” by Helenna Jouja

The Biggest Ball

Sold to an Austrian millionaire playboy

You definitely know one. The simple yet fabulously financially well-off guy, who freely puts his arms around the rich and famous back of the neck; the innovators; the self-starters; the big boss; the old guy with young blond Barbie looking chics; and may even have serious connections in the political arena and afford the salaries and presence of famous successful celebrities, starlets and supermodels with their own bodyguards.The affluent one relaxing on top of more capital than the majority of us can ever realize and more than we ourselves will ever be able to spend in a lifetime.   

The one with the deep pockets does not necessarily have a dashing good looks, but his middle aged George Clooney's charm in swank suit and the widely publicized lavish living can be so fascinating that we tend to be addicted to follow his daily activities and never mind if we are brutally being mocked for watching him and the reality teleseries of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” 

If there's such thing as a dirty old man, or DOM for short, he's going to be a well-dressed DOM but his definition is rather a delicious old man, who will spoil and take you to the ball in a golden carriage, if it's available. He'll wear a designer's tuxedo, silk bow-tie, expensive shirt, exquisitely ironed pants, leather belt and tasteful accessories and who knows how expensive the pocket watch he is keeping in his deep pocket is. He's not always in perfectly-in-fashion mode because sometimes this opulent one also has to dress down so not to attract so much attention to the commoners and fashionistas, who frequently shop at the shopping mall he personally built and owned. 

The complete combination of qualities of having wealth, intelligence, power, and charisma draws all kinds of women to him, crazily getting in a long line to apply to be his next partner and never mind if he is the type „to love 'em and leave 'em,“ they all take the chance to be the next in limelight with him. He's not even scared to be divorced many times as there'll always be another one to take their place.  

So much about a millionaire may have been told for years, but for now I figured you are interested how this sale of The Biggest Ball painting  has been realized, bought by the super hot and famous Austrian millionaire, Herr Richard Lugner, that has fallen in love with my painting the first time he ever saw it. But first let me tell you what has led me to paint „The Biggest Ball.“  

It was sometime in January or February 2019, when Vienna hi-society was all so excited to attend the most glamorous Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria on February 28, 2019. And I, as a commoner, just like any other commoners, could only dream of attending this prestigious ball, where you could see very expensive gowns, as expensive as nearly half a million US dollars and worn by famous successful women. 

Of course, my art gallerist, Hubert Thurnhofer, was also aware of the event and suggested me to paint the forthcoming ball before it's over. He even suggested me to paint Herr Richard Lugner, and illustrated in pen and paper how his prominent guests have so humongous breasts that even the carriage could not carry. And so I was laughing about the idea, but still could not figure out how I could illustrate it in my own way. But I know that Herr Lugner suffered from cancer and I don't want him to die so I decided to immortalize him in a canvas, and I said, “oh, there's really no one like him in Vienna. He is like the legend of the Opera Ball. So why not. I will paint him!” I didn't even care if the chance of selling this painting is zero because I am sure Herr Lugner does not buy a painting but paintings are all free for him as gifts of artists, but I went on to start painting it just to immortalize a history of the Legend of the Opera Ball.  
I started painting Herr Lugner's face on the canvas, and it should not look so big at all to fit the other important characters, but I could draw his face bigger like a caricature. I intentionally painted his face maybe as small as 3 cm, with a smaller body that's not in proportion with the size of his face. I added Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Drawfs in the background to illustrate that there is a ball going on at the Vienna Opera House. Of course, all the 5 women in the paintings are just imaginary guests, as I don't want any of the guests of Herr Lugner be jealous that they were not painted. They could be any of the painted girls, it doesn't matter who they are but have a wild guess, Pamela or Dolly Buster, an animal lover, a master Nagger (one who is expert in nagging)? And to fit the title, “The Biggest Ball,” I have painted just the side view of one of the girls with humongous breast, one breast not two, because if I have painted two breasts, the title would be the Biggest Balls, and that won't fit the intended humour of the “Ball.” When I have almost done painting it, I created a video about it to promote it on facebook, but it was not approved for promotion on Facebook, just like a lot of my other painting videos.  So watch it now while it’s still online. It has reached only a few viewers and I doubt if Herr Lugner himself has seen the video about him.  

 A few months after the Opera Ball, in August 2019, I had to deal with my fears that my most awaited art exhibit at the Gallery Steiner Vienna would have no guests at all. I had been putting it off for a while, changing the exhibit to a later date to give me time to re-socialize to my old contacts, as I have been introvert for a long time till now. I decided I don’t wanna have a solo exhibit, so I invited more artists to join me. The first one I invited was Jemilly Velasco, my international artist bestfrien, whom will be my forever exhibit partner.  I invited also Rudy Perey, a graduate of Fine Art who later cancelled his participation as he‘s busy. Anyway, I am so happy that at least my other international artist group ( Jemilly Velasco, Roswitha Schaublauer and Gerry de Guzman) was able to bring in some guests and of course there were also guests of the Gallery Steiner‘s.   

Finally, my group‘s Vernissage at the Gallery Steiner was over and I was able to breathe for at last the night was over, and I have just to wait for the day to take my paintings back to my studio.  

I was unaware of the fate of the “Biggest Ball” painting when Herr Richard Lugner was in the vicinity of the gallery to have lunch somewhere, and my beautiful blond art gallerist, Corinna Steiner, spotted him and invited him to come in the gallery to surprise him with something. Who could resist an invitation of a gallerist who looks like a living blonde Barbie doll, and so Herr Lugner accepted the invitation and was surprised to find himself immortalized in a canvas with his prominent Opera Ball guests. To make the story short, now the Biggest Ball is on display at the millionaire's office as he is now the new owner of it.    

But you know what the big secret on this sale was? While the famous millioniare was falling in love with my painting “The Biggest Ball” displayed at the Gallery Steiner, I was at the operating room, where surgeons were happily stabbing my tummy. Perhaps, if I was not able to survive the operation I would have not known that my painting was sold to the now immortalized milionaire, just like most famous dead artists whose paintings became so famous and sold for millions without them knowing it because they were long dead. I am very happy that the same old fate of dead artists did not happen to me, and I am still alive to know that at least a millionaire has bought my painting. Could I have not survived the operation maybe my art gallerist would have regretted it to have sold it for the price I have originally asked for because dead artist’s paintings cost a lot more! But in the end, after all,  I am the most expensive living female artist in Austria in 2019, only because most expensive paintings were sold by living male artists.      

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Helenna Jouja FILMS

Helenna Jouja EVENTS

Helenna Jouja EVENTS

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Helenna Jouja EVENTS

Helenna Jouja EVENTS

Helenna Jouja EVENTS

The Biggest Ball, 150x100cm acrylic on canvas

I am having an art exhibit with 3 international artists this coming August to September 2019.

Who is the artist Helenna Jouja?

Who is the artist Helenna Jouja?

Who is the artist Helenna Jouja?

Helenna Jouja

Helenna Jouja PAINTINGS

Who is the artist Helenna Jouja?

Who is the artist Helenna Jouja?


The evolution of innocentism art in the 21st century

The Chasers Yacht Club Part One Video

150x100cm big with miniature faces. The story: “In 1973, as Picasso got swallowed whole, the cyclone formed in Bermuda Triangle, where the Chasers Yacht Club was last seen partying. In the underwater room, Pregnant Miss X chased her man, who fell in love with a mermaid. As the girls kicked-ass, under the sun a smiling shark. Nobody knows what happened next!” 

The Chaser’s Park

“The Chaser’s Park’ 150x100cm canvas.

The Chaser’s Park

 „The Chaser’s Park,“ 150x100cm painting of Helenna Jouja, your Filipina-Canadian international modern artist in Europe. 

Scroll down to see the corresponding video of the story behind this painting.

The Chaser’s Park Video

150x100cm acrylic painting

The story: Helenna travelled to Paris in search of her true love! There she was badly hurt, rejected, mocked, heartbroken! She complained, „why do men act like heartless statues?“ „Do you have to touch them to feel that they also love you?“ „ Will there ever be someone who will love you back?“  The story of a Beautiful Painter, Helenna Jouja. Unforgettable romance at „the Chaser’s Park.“


The Arch of Chase

„The Arch of Chase“ by Helenna Jouja, a Filipina Canadian international modern artist in Europe, is a playful combination of the widely known iconic painting „The Scream“ by Edvard Munch (1963-1944) and her own story of the painting in cooperation with her art gallerist Hubert Thurnhofer of Kunstraum (art gallery) in the Ringstraßen Galerien in Vienna, Austria, Europe. In this painting Helenna Jouja made some radical transformation of „The Scream“ making the controversial character of “The Scream” have a distinctive figure of a young woman, referring her as the Statue of Scream, turning her into an important figure of the past like what is usually displayed in a museum; and adjusting its color and images to fit her new story that whoever touched the flower of the Goddess of the Arch of Chase would forever chase the first one he sees. Replicating the colorful sunset of Munch, Helenna Jouja was able to match her own idea of sunset to fit that of Munch‘s, while the rest of the characters showed different emotions after touching the flower of the Goddess of Chase. 😀 

The Arch of Chase Video

On the spookiest night of the year at the Arch of Chase, touch the flower of the Chase Goddess and forever chase the first one you see! 

My unfinished painting on 150x100cm canvas, “The Arch of Chase”. 

Other words used on this video: “Do not touch her flower, her flower, her flower! The legend says, if you touch the flower of the Chase Goddess, you will forever be chasing the first one you see! “