Jemilly Velasco

Jemilly Baltazar Velasco, more commonly Joyful Jem or simply Jem, is an international Filipina modern artist, whose areas of interest include painting; drawing; having many friends all over the world; learning new and different things; and making and editing photos. She likes to play scrabble; watching singing competitions, live concerts, classical movies, documentaries around the globe on television. She has been variously called an ideal wife because of her inner kindness, faithfulness, and authenticity of love for mankind as she is also educated to preach the Holy Bible. She is involved with various religious activities of her ministry in Vienna, Austria. She, in fact, was born on Valentine’s day (February 14), which is maybe one of the reasons why she is always generous with her friends and family.  She believes in the old saying, “love yourself first...and then you will have the ability to love others.”

 Jemilly Velasco is renowned primarily as a painter. The “Abundance” is the most famous of her works and her most circulated painting internationally. She has exhibited her “Abundance” painting on canvas in New York, Zurich, and Vienna. 


Not so many knows about Jemilly’s early life. She was born in Bulacan, one of the most interesting places in Luzon in the Philippines, which has more than 7000 islands. She was the first born of a beautiful mom, who was sadly separated from her husband when Jemilly was only 5 years old. Because of the complexity of their living situation, Jemilly was left with no other options but to live with her grandmother, who had learned to love her unconditionally and made her the sole legitimate heiress of her agricultural properties which produced different crops, such as mangoes and bananas. However, Jem is prepared to share it to all her living relatives.  Jemilly spent her early childhood missing the presence of her beloved mom, who had just passed away few weeks ago from the incurable illness she suffered for years. While in the custody of her grandmother, Jemilly grew up an intelligent independent girl and was always top of her class from elementary to high school. She envisioned herself to have a beautiful home living with her parents, which she slowly accomplished at the age of 20 as the breadwinner of her family. 

More about Jemilly

Jemilly got married at the age of 25 to an honorable man in Austria. During their early years of marriage they had to live separately as he lives abroad but then later she joined him in Vienna, leaving her only brother and mother in the Philippines behind. However, Jem remained being thoughtful and generous to her family in the Philippines, providing them a nice home to live while she is away as a married woman. Now, Jemilly and her husband are blessed with condominium unit in Manila and hotel unit in one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines, the Boracay Island, known for its white sand. 

Favorite food: Fish, fruits and vegetables, Italiian pasta, Chinese noodles, rice products

Favorite flowers: Jasmine because of its fragrance

Favorite color: Blue which means victory 

Ideal artists: Jemilly loves songs from Barry Manilow, Britney Spears, Regine Velasquez, Charice Pempengco

Motto: Learning is a journey not a destination. 


Jemilly Velasco

One month Art Show Zurich, Switzerland

January 1 to 31, 2020


U.S.A. Art Exhibit 2019 Miami Beach Florida

December 2 to 8, 2019


Ongoing Exhibition in Milan Italy

October 17-31, 2019


Palace of Culture Messina Italy Exhibition

November 27 to December 1, 2019


M.A.D.S. Milano

Renoir Award International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019

Watch this cool video of MADS Milano

Exhibit of Jemilly Velasco at Gallery Steiner 2019

Helenna Jouja, Jemilly Velasco, Roswitha Schablauer, Gerry de Guzman art exhibit at Gallery Steiner Vienna Austria August 19 to September 14, 2019 Vernissage August 21, 2019 7 to 10 pm.

21 August 2019. Jemilly Velasco giving autograph to one of her fans at the Gallery Steiner Vienna.

Jemilly Velasco giving autograph at the Gallery Steiner

Video of Jemilly Velasco

Check out this great video of Jemilly Velasco’s first attempt to paint on canvas