Helenna Jouja Films 1

I have made the following videos to show the public the stories or poems behind my paintings. So, take your time, play all the videos, and learn all there is to know about each of my paintings. There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 2. You are on 1. 

The Arch of Chase Video

„On the spookiest night of the year at the Arch of Chase, touch the flower of the Chase Goddess and forever chase the first one you see!“

My unfinished painting on 150x100cm canvas, “The Arch of Chase”. other words on video: “Do not touch her flower, her flower, her flower! The legend says, if you touch the flower of the Chase Goddess, you will forever be chasing the first one you see! “

When Artist Has Gone Mad Video

“When Artist Had Gone Mad!” paintings of Helenna Jouja

The Grumpy Violinist Video

“The Grumpy Violinist,” 150x100cm. Once upon a time, there lived a violinist, who wanted to be the sexiest of all! She did everything to be sexy, such as rib removal, only veggies, diet pills, etc.  She asked the magic mirror, „Mirror, who is the sexiest of them all?” “Your violin!” answered the magic mirror. „Sexier than you!“ The violinist got angry. That‘s how she became “the Grumpy Violinist!

The Ugly Biker and the Beautiful Pianist Video

”The Ugly Biker and the Beautiful Pianist,” 80x80cm canvas. ”One day i will trick her into marrying me! So he came to her with a friend with bikes and said, “if i could play do re mi on your piano with my bike, one note at a time, would you marry me?” Thinking his wheels are too big for one single note, the beautiful pianist said, „Yes!“ The biker took his toy bike out of his pocket  and played do-re-mi.  The end.

Kunstraum Art Gallery 2018 Video

International Art Exhibit 2018 at the Kunstraum of the Ringstrassen Galerien in Vienna Austria Europe.  With international artist Jemilly Velasco, et al.

The Swan on the Street Video

Once upon a time, as the sun rose so bright, the Swan near the Swan Mountain met the Prince and the Fairy Princess. The Swan wished to be a beautiful princess, as beautiful as Princess Karla-Marie Preiczer. The Fairy Princess touched the swan and granted her wish. “ The Swan on the Street,” 100x80 cm canvas.

The Ice Cream Cones Video

The Icecream Cones Series of 3: 

the controversial painting on canvas,

 1. “Caught in the Act!” Why did the artist paint ice cream cones instead of her nude models? Guess where will the man fall? Exactly on Picasso‘s model?  

Their naughty witness, 

2.“The Girl Under the Bed.” Have you ever wondered...

3. “What’s in a Lick?“ Tell me what you wanna lick.

The Indecent Proposal Video

“The Indecent Proposal!” painting of Helenna Jouja. 100x80cm canvas. 

The Story: Once upon a time, there was a princess who got stuck in a wall because an evil sorcerer, known as Prince Harming, fell in love with her. She was so lovely and funny. But she was in love with a man with a big tummy, who proposed to marry her. Prince Harming was jealous and casted an evil spell and buried them in the wall. Many years had gone by... Well, watch the rest and enjoy watching :) 

Helenna Jouja Films 1

I hope you enjoyed watching. Please take a moment to send me a message and let me know what you think.  There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 2. You are on 1.