Helenna Jouja Films 3

In the near future, I will be posting more videos on this Helenna Jouja Films 3 page. I have made the following videos to show the public the stories or poems behind my paintings. So, take your time, play all the videos, and learn all there is to know about each of my paintings. I hope you enjoy watching and take a moment to send me a message and let me know what you think.  There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 1 and 2. You are on 3. If you have seen them all, please see also my paintings. Thank you so much! 

The Biggest Ball Video

„Who has the chance to be invited to the fabulous Opera Ball in Vienna? Snow White or Cinderella? An animal lover? Dolly Buster or Pamela? A master nagger? A blond horse rider? Well, an old playboy has invited the star with the biggest ball!“ „The Biggest Ball“ Helenna Jouja’s painting on 150x100cm canvas. Short Story written by Hubert Thurnhofer, the world famous gallerist, philosopher, and author of Moral 4.0.

Watch also the video below in German version. It has a different presentation.

The Biggest Ball in Deutsch Video

“Wer zieht das große Los und wird zum Wiener Opernball eingeladen? Schneewittchen oder Aschenputtel? Ein Tierfreund? Pamela oder Dolly Buster? Eine blonde Reiterin? Ein Meister-Nörgler? Wie auch immer, ein alter Playboy kommt mit den größten Bällen zum Ball.” 

“The Biggest Ball,” mein Bild auf Leinwand 150x100cm. 

Vielen dank für die Texte, Hubert Thurnhofer, mein Galerist, Philosopher and Author of Moral 4.0 🙂

The Chasers Yacht Club Video

150x100cm big with miniature faces. The story: “In 1973, as Picasso got swallowed whole, the cyclone formed in Bermuda Triangle, where the Chasers Yacht Club was last seen partying. In the underwater room, Pregnant Miss X chased her man, who fell in love with a mermaid. As the girls kicked-ass, under the sun a smiling shark. Nobody knows what happened next!” 

The Chaser’s Park Video

150x100cm acrylic painting

The story: Helenna travelled to Paris in search of her true love! There she was badly hurt, rejected, mocked, heartbroken! She complained, „why do men act like heartless statues?“ „Do you have to touch them to feel that they also love you?“ „ Will there ever be someone who will love you back?“  The story of a Beautiful Painter, Helenna Jouja. Unforgettable romance at „the Chaser’s Park.“

The Arch of Chase Video

On the spookiest night of the year at the Arch of Chase, touch the flower of the Chase Goddess and forever chase the first one you see! 

My unfinished painting on 150x100cm canvas, “The Arch of Chase”. 

Other words used on this video: “Do not touch her flower, her flower, her flower! The legend says, if you touch the flower of the Chase Goddess, you will forever be chasing the first one you see! “

The Ice Cream Cones Series Video

From “The Icecream Cones series„ of 3:  The controversial painting on canvas,

 1. “Caught in the Act!” Why did the artist paint ice cream cones instead of her nude models? Guess where will the man fall? Exactly on Picasso‘s model?  

Their naughty witness, 

2.“The Girl Under the Bed.” Have you ever wondered...

3. “What’s in a Lick?“ Tell me what you wanna lick?

Watercolor Paintings of Helenna Jouja Video

Watercolor Paintings of Helenna Jouja

Helenna Jouja Films 3

There are more videos to watch on Helenna Jouja Films 1 and 2. You are on 3. If you have seen them all, please see also my paintings. There are also some videos on the Think Of Home page. Just Go to the page and scroll down to see them. Thank you so much! Xoxox