The Chasers Yacht Club

40. The Chasers Yacht Club Part One

150x100cm acrylic painting

Big canvas with miniature faces as small as less than one centimeter. There’s so many characters on this painting and it wasn’t easy to paint them all.  

The story or maybe I should say a poem?: 

“In 1973, as Picasso got swallowed whole, the cyclone formed in Bermuda Triangle, where the Chasers Yacht Club was last seen partying. In the underwater room, Pregnant Miss X chased her man, who fell in love with a mermaid. As the girls kicked-ass, under the sun a smiling shark! Nobody knows what happened next!” 


41-66 Watercolor Aquarell paintings

Watercolor (aquarell) paintings of Helenna Jouja, painted from Steiermark to Croatia in summertime 2019.

casino dans les profondeurs de l‘eau

67. casino dans les profondeurs de l‘eau

150x100cm acrylic painting

The Chaser‘s Yacht Club Part 2: “casino dans les profondeurs de l‘eau” (underwater casino)

The  Thieves of Renoir

68. The Thieves of Renoir

150x100cm acrylic on canvas

Painting of Helenna Jouja, your Filipina-Canadian international modern artist in Vienna, “The Thieves of Renoir.” to be exhibited in RENOIR AWARD International Contemporary Art exhibition in 17 ottobre 2019, 16:00 - 31 ottobre 2019, 18:00 

M.A.D.S. Milano, Corso San Gottardo, 18, 20136 Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy.  With International Artist Jemilly Velasco. 

Based on a true story in the year 2018, when thieves stole Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Landscape painting right off the wall of Dorotheum Auction House in Vienna, Austria. The thieves just took the painting and put it in a shopping bag, but left the frame on the wall. The painting is not the genuine history of the events and characters and is therefore imaginary only. Special thanks to my friends, who offered their faces to be painted to be one of the characters as follows: Johmarie Somera (suspect with Dorotheum shopping bag,) Barbara Toles (the FBI agent,) Arven  Magno Caluza (one of the suspects, who just walked away.) .


69. Jeunes filles au piano

110x90 cm acrylic on canvas

“Jeunes filles au piano” (English: Young Girls at the Piano,) acrylic and oil-on-canvas. 110x90cm. Replica In progress of one of the painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French artist, a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.

“Jeunes filles au piano” (English: Young Girls at the Piano,) acrylic and oil-on-canvas. 110x90cm. Replica In progress of one of the painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French artist, a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.


70. To Mutti (Mama) With Love

24x18 cm acrylic on canvas

Painted for our beloved Mutti for her birthday. 

I’ll Be Back 150x100cm canvas

71. Je Reviendrai: The Thieves of Camille Pissarro

150x100 cm acrylic on canvas

“Je reviendrai” (I’ll Be Back in English), my lpainting on 150x100cm canvas. Guess the story behind my painting 😀 Featuring paintings of great masters: Camille Pissarro, Paul Gaugin, and Paul Cézanne. Special appearance of Hubert Thurnhofer and Arnold Schwarzenegger 😀

The Lady in Red 100x80cm

72. The Lady in Red

100x80 cm acrylic on canvas

The Lady in Red. 

The Material Girl 140x70cm

73. The Material Girl with a Banana

140x70cm acrylic on canvas

The Material Girl

After my first 3 attempts to paint using acrylic on cardboard, i tried painting on huge canvas. Since I was a beginner, and had avoided drawings for years,  I had no idea if I could make it. I ended up painting all the expensive things in the world, Well, the cellphone she‘s holding on her left hand used to be the most expensive cellphone at that time, haha.  I had painted here the most expensive bag, pen, crown, accessories, private jet, Bugatti and even the most expensive book written by Leonardo da Vinci that was bought for US30M dollars by Bill Gates at the auction. Then I realized something was missing she also needs to eat. Unfortunately, I only had one banana left at home. So that banana was my first still life painting, lol :D I designed her night gown with fur, and I wanted it to be silk and see-thru. No idea how to make it see-thru, but I solved it on my own, without reference to any painting tricks. Her face is just an imaginary face. I imagined how the most beautiful face should look like and that’s her face for me :D I was thinking that painting serious figure is just common sense. Nowadays, no one should even bother to go to school to learn how to paint. Our time is „just do it!“ For short, i did it all and I identified this painting as „The Material Girl,“ my first acrylic painting on canvas.

The Lady Boy 150x100cm

74. The Lady Boy

150x100 cm oil and acrylic on canvas

The Lady Boy

The original idea was to illustrate a middle aged man having a foot fetish with a younger girl whose private part is exposed. However, Helenna Jouja had a change of mind, thinking that the illustration could be a common scandal in the art world. She wanted a more scandalous illustration yet light and funny.  She   later alter the lady’s private part to a man’s penis. However, she had no model of an actual penis, so she just illustrated the penis into something similar to her imagination: a shiny brownish-pink penis with heart-shaped scrotum or balls. She entitled it ”The Lady Boy,” with a face looking like a gay, But then again she had a change of mind, she wanted to paint the face of Marlyn Monroe and entitled it •If Marlyn Monroe were a gay!” She then painted the colors of the rainbow symbol of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT)  on the side of the male partner, who’s seemingly pretending to be a man but has a gay tendency waiting to be unraveled, and altered the original face of the lady boy to Marlyn Monroe’s sideview. However, her world-famous art gallerist insisted to keep the original idea of ”The Lady Boy,” as everyone seems to be painting Marlyn and it won’t be as special anymore. So what do you think? Which idea here is more scandalous for you? Email me.  :D I have a tip for you, to tell if a transgender is originally a boy, observe her hands or feet, do they resemble man’s hands or feet? Because you know what, a boy can change his private part to the opposite sex, but would be scared to have an operation of the bones in his hands or feet. :D 

The 5 Naked Bank Robbers Video

5 Naked women robbed the bank naked. The bank can’t remember their faces. Only genius can figure out why. Can you? :D